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                     ​​​ DO YOU LIKE TRAINS ???
The Roscommon Historic Model Train Club would love for you to join our club, our club has the easiest joining process, all you have to do is STOP IN and thats all, just talk to any member of the club and we will give you a form to fill out and once you have done that , well , YOUR A MEMBER.

Who can join: 
folks of all ages can join the Roscommon Historic Model Train Club , Children or Adults.

Membership Pricing / Dues:
a one year membership cost: $100.00  per person 
a one month membership cost: $10.00 per person
a one year family membership cost: $150.00 (two or more persons)
a one month family membership cost $15.00 (two or more persons)

If you join the Roscommon Historic Model Train Club you get unlimited access to our Club House and all of the trains layouts inside, you can bring your own trains to run or run the trains already there, anyone can get access to our Club House, (as long as you are 18 years of age, if you are younger than 18 years of age you must be with an adult club member over 18 years old)
you also get member discounts on our items for sale in our shop if you join. 

Thank You


815 Lake St. Roscommon , Michigan  48653
 [email protected]